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2020 CLIMB Career Fair

Presentation Descriptions

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Paul Lingo/Holly Andrews -  Master Electrician/Training Director

Mr. Lingo will discuss what does it take to be an electrician, the benefits of trade schools and apprenticeships. Come learn about an exciting industry that is lighting up the workforce.


Erica Beeson - Volunteer / Volunteer Advocate

For Mrs. Beeson volunteering is a way of life. She has volunteered with an overseas humanitarian organization where she experienced the Middle East beyond the veil of tourism. She served in a food bank in Jerusalem for a year and a half distributing food to the homes of Israel’s needy, Holocaust survivors, poor children, and orphanages. Mrs. Beeson will talk about how volunteering can make a difference in the lives of so many.  Mrs. Beeson will tell about how she loves to inspire others to give back in any way they can. Mrs. Beeson will also explore how to find the best volunteer opportunities both locally and overseas.


Hannah Brown - Front Range Community College

What are your plans after high school? Do they include going to college? Did you know you can get a great education while also saving money by attending a school right in your backyard? Come learn about all the benefits and options of taking classes at Front Range Community College either to get a jump start on your education or hands on training for a career.


Susan Brown - Recruitment Coordinator - CSU Agricultural Sciences

The Colorado State University College of Agricultural Sciences provides collegiate experiences that span 5 departments: Animal Sciences, Soil & Crop Sciences, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture, Agricultural and Resource Economics, and Agricultural Biology. Susan will discuss the education of tomorrow’s leaders in agricultural sciences through innovation and collaboration in a diverse and supportive environment. The science of agriculture needs to meet future global challenges in order to produce safe food, protect the environment and landscape, provide biofuels and energy sources, as well as confront the economic challenges of population and climate change. We need young scientists to change the future.


Steve Colby - Director of Cyber Security

Steve Colby is the Director of Cyber Security Audit at Maxar Technologies in Westminster, Colorado. He has been an Information Security Professional for over 20 years. Starting out as a programmer, he changed his focus in technology where he could be a jack-of-all trades. He has developed teams and processes used to keep information safe protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data for Financial and Aerospace corporations.


Gabriela Drosu - FRCC Professor/Medical Doctor

Mrs. Drosu will be talking about finding the path to a career you will really enjoy and the fact that students should not be stressed because, at first, they do not know what they will be doing in college. Often, they will find their path while in an undergraduate program.  Mrs. Drosu will be talking about her path and her many areas of study... an architect, a flight attendant, working in editing, becoming an MD, and finally, a professor at FRCC.

Sarah Eastburn - Red Rocks Community College

Sarah will be discussing college opportunities at Red Rocks Community College.  


John Ensworth - Astronomer and Meteorologist

If you want your career to involve looking into the depths of the universe or forecasting the next severe weather event, John Ensworth is both an astronomer and meteorologist with research and teaching experience stretching back to Haley's Comet from the mid 80's.


Chuck Hodges - Flight Paramedic

Mr. Hodges' presentation will address the roles and responsibilities of a flight paramedic as well as the necessary education and traits to become a paramedic and flight paramedic.


Bronwyn Leroux - Author

Mrs. Leroux will be discussing what it takes to become an author...imagination, hard work, discipline, knowledge, marketing, cost, etc.


Cora McPherson/Austin Cito - Real Estate Agents

Cora and Austin will discuss the joy of  helping people solve problems, achieve dreams, and making their own schedules through real estate. They will be talking about how as a real estate agent you have the opportunity to “design” your own paychecks and connect with people in a genuine and honest manner, during one of life’s most exciting times.


Dene Merrow - Audiovisual Tech Contractor

Dene will speak about how he got into doing light and sound and his experiences working for different theaters. He will also discuss the possible opportunities out there for people who want to pursue a career in Audiovisual Technology.


Andrew Peterson - Mortgage Loan Officer

Mr. Peterson will discuss the requirements for becoming a mortgage loan officer.  He will also discuss how commissions incent you to perform.


Crystal Sutherland - Graphic Designer

Mrs. Sutherland is a former homeschooler and homeschool mom, who is also a graphic designer and photographer.  She will discuss her path, what it takes to become a graphic designer, photographer and business owner, all while balancing motherhood, homeschooling and running a business.


Claire Woodward - Calwood Education Center

This presentation will be about choosing a job as an Environmental Educator.  You will learn what it's like to work outdoors and inspire others by teaching natural science and connecting to the Colorado mountains. Look forward to a hands-on learning experience.

Michael Ferrero - Sports Reporter/Video Editor

Mr. Ferrero’s presentation will consist of the daily responsibilities of being a sports reporter, as well as a sports editor for a television station. He will provide clips of some of the work he’s created for the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Rapids, as well as share his story on how he arrived at the position he is in today.

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