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Recycling in the Classroom

Return to 100% In-Seat

Summit to Consider a Return to 100% In-Seat 

for Remainder of School Year

Many schools are trying to re-open and return to complete in-seat learning for the remainder of this year. With all this discussion, it is incumbent that we consider giving our students the opportunity to attend each week. It is important to have the opinions of all involved.  Please complete this quick survey asap, so that we may use accurate information to determine the best plan for our students and staff. Here are a few assumptions before completing your survey:

1.  In seat students will have the opportunity to attend each week. 

2.  Remote students are able to continue with their current plan. 

3.  In-seat students will continue to wear masks and social distance. 

4.  At the beginning of the school year a plan was put in place for all students to return with a space for each class.  With a few adjustments we are able to return to that plan. 

5.  Classes, Drop off, Pick Up, Lunch, and class changes will be evaluated to ensure student and staff safety. 

6.  If remote students want transition to in-seat, that will be considered based on space, and vice versa. 

7.  Weather will be improving soon.  Some teachers will be using outdoor learning as an opportunity to distance their students. Safety practices are in place for outdoor learning. 

8.  Picnic days at the end of the year will still be on alternating weeks.  

9.  The exact date for all students to return to every week has not been determined.  

I have chosen to use a Google Form because of the manner it displays data for me.  To view the form, you may need to be logged into a Jeffco Google account.  After clicking on the link, if you get a message stating that you need permission, you need may need to log into Google.  

Here's the link:

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