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Concurrent Enrollment checklist for students new                            to the program

  1. Attend a new student orientation at Summit Academy. All Concurrent Enrollment students must be enrolled at Summit Academy.

  2. Attend Summit Academy Concurrent Enrollment meeting or schedule a meeting with the Concurrent Enrollment Advisor, Maren Miller, All paperwork for Concurrent Enrollment will be passed out at these meetings

  3. Attend an introduction meeting at Front Range Community College (Red Rocks students do not need to attend this meeting).


 (the above three meetings can go in any order but all must be attended before enrolling in the program)


   4. Apply at the Community College of the student’s choice.

   5. You will receive an S number at the end of the application process through email.

   6. During application process, apply for COF (College Opportunity Fund); this is part of the application.

   7. Take the Accuplacer test at the Community College.

   8. Complete the online Concurrent Enrollment College Agreement for Front Range Community College (FRCC). Complete                     the hard copy Concurrent Enrollment Agreement for Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) as well as the Student Payment             Agreement for RRCC.

   9. Read the Summit Academy Parent Student Handbook.

   10. Sign the Family Agreement for the Parent/Student Handbook.

   11. Complete Summit Academy Promissory Note.

   12. Complete Underage form for all students 16 and under for FRCC and RRCC. Sign up for a meeting with the CE Assistant                   Director at FRCC and the HS Relations office at RRCC if the student is 15 and under.

   13. Complete ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) for the student.


When this is all complete:

  1. Have a 30 minute meeting with Mrs. Miller ( before registering for classes. All paperwork will be turned in at this meeting.

  2. For RRCC students, schedule a meeting with the CE staff at the college.

  3. Register for classes.

  4. Submit a Community College schedule to the Summit Academy office.

  5. Submit a change form for any changes to the schedule after you talk with Mrs. Miller.

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