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Choosing Curriculum

This workshop is past for the 2018-19 school year. Check back next year!

There are SO MANY different curriculum options available - how do you know which will fit your family best? Do you need help navigating the curriculum fair coming up the first week in April? Or maybe a particular curriculum worked great for your first child, but it is NOT a good fit for your second. What's the difference between Barton and All About Reading and Sing, Spell, Read, Write? How do you decide between Teaching Textbooks, Saxon, and Singapore math? Get help with all these questions and more at this helpful workshop intended for parents of students at all grade levels and ability levels. Sign up below!


Mrs. Monika Dunne, our curriculum specialist, will be there, as well as other experienced homeschooling parents, to help you prepare for the curriculum fair in April.


When?  March 6-8, 2019, 8:35-9:25 am. Sign up on your student's Summit day (or another day, if you  prefer). Drop off your student and come join us!

Where? Summit's Back Blue room; check in at the front desk, then join us for coffee and conversation!

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