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Summit Student

Schedule Changes


1. Families can now see their student's current schedule in their Campus Portal account (Infinite Campus). Enrolled families can refer to a recent email with the detailed instructions.


2. If parents want to REQUEST a change in their student's schedule, fill out the appropriate form below.

3. Requests DO NOT mean that the change is final! Parents will receive a confirmation email when and if the change is made, or if the change cannot be made.

4. We will strive diligently to meet requests as much as possible prior to Launch days. HOWEVER, if a change has not yet been confirmed by us, students will still need to follow the schedule given to them. Parents will receive a confirmation email eventually (and as soon as possible), either way, that the requests could be made or not be made.

4. The deadline for making "Schedule Change Requests" is 4pm on September 16th for "Wednesday" students, 4pm on September 17th for "Thursday" students, and 4pm on September 18th for "Friday" students . However, waiting to the last minute lowers the chance of meeting the requests.

5. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Enrollment Secretary, Kory Smith, at  

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