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College October Count Paperwork

This is a "MUST DO" for all Concurrent Enrollment (CE) and ASCENT students

as this is how you will receive funding for your classes.

The count period begins September 26, 2018 and ends October 10, 2018.

Please turn in the following forms and pay special attention to deadlines. 


     *     Required: All Concurrent Enrollment students (full time and part time – not ASCENT) must turn in a Full Time/Part Time Enrollment form, also available under the High School tab on the Summit website.  DUE SEPTEMBER 21, 2018.  


Two additional forms are due at the end of the count period, by noon Thursday, October 11, 2018:


     *     Required: All CE students must have their college professor initial the October Count Attendance form EVERY CLASS DAY during the count period and then sign at the bottom on the last class day. (Please highlight the days you actually have class to make things easier for the professor to initial the correct days.) Attendance forms are available below.  Please print one for each college class you are taking.

     *     Textbook Reimbursement:  Optional for students not taking Summit classes this year: For CE students who are not taking Summit classes and who would like to take advantage of the additional stipend, Textbook Reimbursement forms (also on the High School tab) and receipts are also due by the October Count deadline. (Part time stipend is $1100, full time is $2200.  The amount not used on tuition may be used for books and fees.  Students taking classes at Summit are not eligible for textbook reimbursement.)


Please note paperwork may not be turned in before the end of your last class for the count period, but must be in immediately at the end, no later than noon on October 11, 2018.  You may bring your paperwork by the Summit office, fax it to the office at (303) 438-6662, or scan and email it to Mrs. Wassmer at  (Please do not email a photograph – the quality is too poor for October Count records.) Students who do not turn in required paperwork by the due date may lose funding for their college classes.

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