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It's Time to Choose Classes for


Here are the basics:

1.  Classes schedule, course descriptions, and the request form, below, are open.   The form is open until June 15.  This gives you a chance to look things over, think through your needs, talk to friends, etc. 

2. 9-12th graders taking classes on two days need to complete a form for each day.  Many 9-12th grade elective classes fill up, so there are some limits for students who attend on two days.  Please read the "MUST READ for Grades 9-12."

3.  Complete a schedule request for each student by June 15th. Priority it NOT based on the time you get it in between these dates. See the notes below to learn about priority.   

4.  Need help with classes for your high schooler?   High school planning meetings have passed, however, there is a high school planning guide below (black button).  


Prepare to put an alternate in for each class period. Putting in the same class for 1st choice and alternate wastes your opportunity to have your 2nd choice considered in case a class if full. It does not improve your chance of getting in the closed class.

Check out pages 1 and 5 in the course catalog for some help. You can also see the High School Planning Guide below (black button).  



Do you have a 9-12th grader wanting to attend on 2 days? Make sure to check out the "MUST READ" below (red button).  

High School Planning Meeting:  Did you miss our high school planning meeting?  Watch for the next one coming up. In the meantime, click below for the High School Planning Guide.

PLEASE NOTE:  Class selection is only for students who have been accepted into
and enrolled at The Summit Academy. 
For enrollment information, please click here.




Class Request Directions
(Please Read Carefully Before Completing Form)

  1. Use the Class Schedule and 2024-2025 Course Catalog links above to help choose classes. All students, except those attending college or Warren Tech, must select 6 classes (Study Hall does NOT count as one of the 6 required hours.). Depending on their enrollment status, college students may or may not have to take a full day at Summit. High School students in grade 9-12 may request to attend a class on a second day. Full-time high school students have scheduling priority in order to meet graduation and time requirements. Part-time high school students may request a class on a second day due to academic conflict. Requests are only filled pending open spaces in the class. Fill out an additional form for the second day. Email Mrs. Scarato with questions at

  2. All 9-12 Graders:  PLEASE SEE THE MUST READ FOR 9-12 ABOVE.

  3. Please read course descriptions carefully. Some classes have special circumstances, such as a 2-hour class meeting time, require a prerequisite, fee, offered on only one day, etc.

  4. Kindergarten and first grade parents do not need to complete course choices, however, parents do still need to select their volunteer positions.

  5. Once parents have completed course requests for one student, parents can refresh the page to request courses for additional students.

  6. Parents should receive a confirmation email for each student registered.  If you don't receive one, please check your spam.  

  7. Priority is based on several factors including prior enrollment, age, and full-time student needs. We do our best to arrange additional sections if needed. Please list your top 3 "must have" classes in the appropriate field below. We will do our best to accommodate requests, with special attention given to your top three. 

  8. If there is an issue with your choices, you will be contacted via email. Please choose an alternate course for each period.  

  9. Every family must serve one volunteer position. We will modify positions as needs arise. Choose three options from the drop-down menus - submit the same three as you register each of your children. You will be assigned one position. Though we prefer families to complete a volunteer position, we have a "Buy Out" option available if you cannot volunteer. The "Buy Out" is $140 payable in cash only to the front office. This money is used to pay others who will complete your volunteer position. If you are interested in volunteering for extra hours (above the required position), please make that selection in the 3rd Volunteer Choices drop-down menu. Individuals who serve extra hours will be paid with another family’s buy-out money. We will contact you as needs arise.  

  10. Please feel free to use the "Comments" section at the bottom of the form as needed.

Volunteer Positions:  Our parents provide fun "extras" at Summit, like our yearbook, parties,  picnics, and more.  Our monitors and all day volunteers help to keep our kids safe at lunch and throughout the day.  We need you all, and we certainly appreciate your time.  We could never do all we do for our kids
without your help!  Our positions are designed to make it simple to choose a job rather than to track hours.  Everyone does a little, so no one has to do a lot.    

The descriptions and requirements of each volunteer position will be posted during class selection. Select your top three volunteer choices below, and we'll do our best to accommodate those. 

Volunteering Group
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