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Fever Free is an app that the Summit community will be using this year. Families can elect to use it prior to arriving at school in order to receive a “Rapid Pass” for drop off.  (Families can also choose to opt out.) With this app, parents take a short video of their child having their temperature taken. Through artificial intelligence, the temperature is verified and 4-5 health-related questions are asked.

The video is then deleted and a “Pass” or “Fail” status is documented in a protected spreadsheet which is FERPA compliant.  If the children in that family pass, then parents receive a glowing emblem stating “Cleared” and the date. 


When students arrive for drop off, a Summit staff member

will verify the “Cleared” emblem and the students may skip the on-site temperature check process that will occur at each car prior to students disembarking. 


The use of this app is not required but is available should it meet your needs. For families who would like to utilize this option, we will send instructions later about downloading and set up.


If students arrive at school with COVID-like symptoms or a fever,

they will be asked to return home. 

Click HERE to learn more about the Fever Free App.


Please sign up or opt out using the form below:

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