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                                   2020 Graduation Ceremony Survey

We would love to have some of the great and varied talent from the Class of '20 represented during our ceremony. Would you like to nominate yourself, or someone else, to speak or perform during the graduation ceremony? 

Please take a moment to complete the below questionnaire. We will use your responses to create a voting sheet to use during the Graduation Planning Meeting on February 20th, 2020.


We would like everyone to complete the survey, regardless of whether you will be able to attend the meeting. Please make sure you complete and submit this questionnaire no later than 8:30am on Friday, January 31st.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Mullane at
Thank you for your input!

Please note that Summit staff will tally votes and will make final decisions on who will speak/perform based on voting results and staff discretion. We may not be able to allow each person nominated to speak and/or perform due to time constraints.


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