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Homeschooling Methods

This workshop is past. Please look for it again next year!

Confused by all the "homeschooling jargon"? What is the classical method? What does Thomas Jefferson have to do with education? What is meant by "unit study"? What's the difference between phonics, whole language, and the Barton method for teaching reading? And who in the world was Charlotte Mason? If you are wondering about all the different homeschooling methods and would like to learn more, or if you're wondering which of these methods might be the best fit for you and your student, this is the workshop for you! Intended for parents of elementary and middle school students, this workshop will explore various methods of homeschooling and help you consider how each might work for your family.


Experienced homeschooling parents will be available to share what they have learned from their years of homeschooling.


When?  January 16-18, 2019, 8:35-9:25 am. Sign up on your student's Summit day (or another day, if you  prefer). Drop off your student and come join us!

Where? Summit's Back Blue room; check in at the front desk, then join us for coffee and conversation!

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