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Standardized Testing

Homeschooled students in grades 3,5,7,9 and 11 are required to complete a standardized test or complete an evaluation.  The Colorado Department of Education has currently removed the requirement for public school students, however, the CDE has no jurisdiction over home-based education. It would take legal action from our legislature to overturn that requirement. We have also discussed testing with the publisher of our tests. They are working on an online assessment, however, there are no guarantees that this will be completed soon. They were very firm in telling us that we may not send tests home for parent administration. Therefore, The Summit Academy will not be able to administer a standardized test this year.

PSAT/SAT:  The state-administered PSAT and SAT have been cancelled, however, the state is looking at offering the SAT (not PSAT for 9th and 10th) in the fall.  Students wanting to take the assessment should check the website for updates and to sign up.  

Full-Time Students:  You are not considered home-based students and, thus, your requirement for testing has been removed.

Solution: We have written a letter explaining the situation. The letter states that we have spoken with state officials and the test publisher, and in order to comply the Governor's Stay at Home order, our students are unable to test.  We will send a copy of this letter to each school district in which our students have turned in their "Letter of Intent".


If you would like us to include your child's name in this letter, please complete the sign up below.  Although it is not guaranteed, it is the opinion of school officials that we would not receive "any pushback" given the uncertainty of these times. 

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