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Iowa Test of Basic Skills
Thursday, April 13th AND Friday, April 14th 2023

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills is offered free to Summit's 1st-8th graders. Students taking the ITBS through Summit must take the test for their current Summit grade level. Students must register to take the ITBS test, via the form below, by Sunday, February 26th. We apologize, but due to our need to order materials in a timely manner, we cannot accommodate additional students after this date. 

1st/2nd Graders:  The ITBS test is administered to 1st and 2nd graders at home under the guidance of a parent. Please follow the link below to register your 1st/2nd grader. Summit will order the materials needed for parents to administer the test.


  • Parents will pickup testing materials at Summit the week prior to testing.

  • Parents MUST return materials to Summit by 3:30pm on Tuesday, April 18th.

  • Summit will submit tests for processing.

  • Parents will receive results in early summer.

3rd-8th Graders: The ITBS will be administered to 3rd-8th graders on Thursday, April 13th and Friday, April 14th at Summit by Summit staff. Please follow the link below to register your 3rd-8th grade student.

Please note: *If your student has approved accommodations through Summit you will be contacted regarding the need to sign up for an additional day.

Testing Day Details


Drop Off: On Thursday and Friday 3rd-8th graders should arrive and be dropped off as normal, between the buildings, between 8:15-8:30. Students should have a good breakfast and arrive well-rested. They will be directed to their testing classroom upon arrival. The first test begins at 8:45. 

No students will be allowed to begin testing after 8:45.

Tests are completed over the course of two days (April 13th AND April 14th). Students will have snack breaks throughout both days (not a formal lunch). Remember to send students to school with non-messy snacks and a water bottle.

Please Bring: Please have students bring the following with them each testing day:

  • Sharpened #2 pencils

  • Water bottle

  • A few non-messy snacks

  • Book to read when finished

Pick-Up: Parents should arrive to pick up their students at the following times:

  • 3rd Grade: Testing is scheduled to end between 12:45 and 1:00, please be at the school no later than 1:00.

  • 4th-8th Grades: Testing is scheduled to end between 12:15 and 12:30, please be at the school no later than 12:30. 

Students can be picked up at the playground unless there is inclement weather.

In the case of inclement weather students can be picked in the gym where they will be supervised by teachers until parents arrive. Please PARK between the buildings toward the east end and walk to the gym to pick up your students.  


Students MUST check out with their testing teacher before leaving. 

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