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K-6th Grade Christmas Party!

Swimming, crafts, food, flash-dancing, and more!

Where: Westminster Rec Center, 10455 Sheridan Blvd

When: December 3rd

-Wednesday Students: Party Room, 10:30-11:30am; Pool 11:30-1:00pm

-Thursday Students: Party Room, 12-1pm; Pool 1-2:30pm

-Friday Students: Party Room, 1:30-2:30pm; Pool 2:30-4pm

FREE for Summit elementary students!

Parents and siblings wanting to swim are $4/each

(Parents chaperoning children ages 6 and under swim free;

kids six and under must be accompanied by a parent.)

Each family is asked to bring a “lunch” appetizer, snack or dessert

(please bring plenty of food to share,

we expect about 200 people for each Summit day)

(No RSVP necessary)

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