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Launch Days!

August 24th-26th


Launch Day.jpg

Summit Academy 2022-2023 Launch

Wednesday-Friday August 24th-26th

(Come on your attendance day.)

Start Time: 8:30

Elementary End Time: 12:15pm

Secondary End Time: 1:00pm


Hello, Summit families!  It’s almost LAUNCH TIME!  Things are buzzing around here - we're busy planning, creating, writing, editing, printing, cleaning, painting, learning, researching, setting up, moving things around... the list goes on. We are so excited for the beginning of the 2022-23 school year and are really looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting our new families! 


There will will be a lot of things to do at Launch, but no worries - there be even more staff members on hand to answer questions and direct people as needed. See buttons below for access to Launch Schedule, Stations Map, etc.  Below the buttons you'll find a list of items that have to be completed ONLINE before Launch. Finally, you'll see a list of tents that will be set up at Launch. 

But first, a few notes...

  • We will not have a weekly newsletter this year - instead we will have the Summit Event Calendar.  All Summit events will be added to this spreadsheet with details, contact info for questions, needed links, etc. Parents may refer to it at any time.

  • Summit Gear is back! The store will be open several times during the year. Keep an eye on the Summit Event Calendar for dates. 

  • If you see a period in your student's schedule with no class assigned in Campus, give it a few days and check back. There was an issue with class codes which has delayed the upload of some classes. Unless you were contacted to discuss other options, it's safe to assume your student received the 1st or 2nd choice they requested for the empty period.

  • Click here for school supply lists. Elementary group supplies will be collected at Launch. Other supplies will be needed on the first day of classes after Launch.

  • We will have a free slice of pizza for each student at Launch.  It's not necessarily a full lunch, but will give you an idea of what to order for your student each week. Go here to for more info on ordering pizza once the school year starts.

  • All Summit students (K-12) have an email account set up for school use. The address is their seven digit student ID number ( The password is their birthday date written in an eight digit format (January 1st, 2010 = 01012010), unless a password reset was requested by the student/parent. Younger students will not need to access their email. Note: These credentials will also be used to log into Schoology.

  • How do I attend multiple classes with more than one child? Parents manage this in multiple ways.  They often pick and choose between different classes to attend.  They may choose a class with one child, but if another child has the same teacher for another class, they may choose to attend a different one.  Homework classes might be more important to attend.  National Honor Society students are on site to help young children get to classes.  

  • "My high schooler says they don't need to come because the teacher doesn't teach on that day."  WRONG! It is an important day for your high schooler. Teachers hand out texts, get any set up info,  go over class policies, etc.  It is the best way for your student to get started on the right foot. Besides...they will see their friends and get some free stuff!

Parent Infinite Campus Account Help

Infinite Campus contains important information that you will want to access throughout the year (student's schedule, grades, etc). If you need help logging into your Parent Infinite Campus Account please see the below information. If you continue to have problems logging into Infinite Campus, please email Ms. Wall at

1. use your Jeffco credentials (the same ones you used with EnrollJeffco) to log into the Infinite Campus Parent Portal

2. refer to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal FAQ

3. If your family is NOT new to Summit, you may go to the Parent Account Manager (PAM). There are links below the sign in box to help you retrieve your username and/or password. Unfortunately, new families cannot use this resource.

The items highlighted in yellow

below should be completed

online BEFORE Launch.

Submit Notice of Intent to Homeschool (NOI) Via EnrollJeffco


In lieu of submitting a paper Notice of Intent to Homeschool form, please submit your Notice of Intent to Homeschool via EnrollJeffco. Following these instructions to apply for Home Based Education WILL NOT affect your enrollment at Summit Academy. After you complete the process you will receive an email titled EnrollJeffco Round 2 Application Submitted. 


You can submit your NOI to Jeffco regardless of your district of residence. You may choose to submit a student's NOI to your district of residence if your student might play sports or need services through that district. If you submit to your district of residence you do not need to submit to Jeffco via EnrollJeffco.


Full Time High School Students DO NOT submit a Notice of Intent to Homeschool.

(If you don't know if your student is full-time or not, they probably aren't.)


Click here for instructions on how to submit your

Notice of Intent to Homeschool via EnrollJeffco.

Questions? Email Ms. Wall (

Pay Fees via Parent Infinite Campus Account

  1. sign in to your Infinite Campus parent account here

  2. click on More at the bottom of the menu on the left hand side of the screen

  3. on the right hand side of the screen click on Jeffco Student Fee Payment

  4. all students will be selected by default

  5. click the green arrow

  6. select the fees that are applicable to your student(s) and complete check out procedure

All school fees ($25 per student activity fee, workbook fees, Mtn Lab fee, etc.) are available to pay online through Infinite Campus. If you would prefer to pay any of these with cash or check, you will be able to do so at Launch, but online payments are encouraged. 


You may add money to your student's pizza account in Infinite Campus ($2/slice). While paying your student's school fees, you will see the option to add a pizza payment to your cart. These payments are available in amounts of $10, $20, or $50, and will be available quarterly in Infinite Campus. You can still pay for pizza at Launch, but online payments are encouraged.

Questions? Email Mrs. Seybert (

Infinite Campus Online Registration/Schedule Check

1. Complete the Infinite Campus Online Registration. If you haven't already done this, you will be guided through the steps needed to update all of your family contact information when you log into Campus. If you aren't prompted to do complete the registration, it has already been completed.

2. View your student's schedule in Infinite Campus. If you need to request a schedule change, please complete the Class Selection form again, only completing the required fields and the periods you wish to change. Please leave comments about your change request in the last field.

If we are able to make the change, the request will be processed and will see the change reflected on your student’s schedule in Infinite Campus. This sometimes take a few days, so please be patient - this is often a very busy time. We will only contact you if there are issues concerning the request.

Questions? Email Ms. Wall (

Comprehensive K-12 Student Waiver via signNow

Parents will receive an email at the Priority 1 email address entered in their Infinite Campus account. You will receive an invitation to complete a waiver for each of your students. Every student, K-12, must have this document completed. You will not need to create a signNow account - simply open the email, click through to the document, READ THE DOCUMENT, complete the fields and submit. After submission, you will receive an email from signNow stating that the form has been completed. 

Questions? Email Ms. Wall (

9-12 Grade Agreement and Open Lunch Permission via SignNow

9th-12th grade students, and their parents, will receive an invitation to complete and sign the 9-12 Grade Agreement and Open Lunch Permission Form. The invitation will go to students at their email (password is birthdate as an eight digit number, unless a change was requested). Parents will receive the email at the Priority 1 email address entered in their Infinite Campus account. You will not need to create an account - simply open the email, click through to the document, READ THE DOCUMENT, complete the fields and submit. All 9-12 students must have this document completed.

Questions? Email Ms. Wall (

Volunteer Waiver via SignNow


Each parent volunteering at Summit must complete a Volunteer Waiver. You will receive an invitation to complete the waiver. You will not need to create an account - simply open the email, click through to the document, complete the fields and submit. 

Questions RE the Waiver? Email Ms. Wall (

Questions RE Volunteering? Email Mrs. Cordova (

Visit These Tents While at Launch

Student IDs

Ms. Wall will be taking photos of all 7-12 student for IDs. 

Class Change Requests

To submit a class change request, please go to the Class Selection form and submit the required fields and the periods in questions. Add details concerning your request to the comments field at the bottom. 

Medical Paperwork/Medications

I am looking forward to getting to know all the Summit families, especially those with medical needs. With that said, I could use your help. I would like an opportunity to get to know families with medical needs on a personal level prior to Launch day. I am encouraging all parents to sign up to meet with me for about 10 minutes to discuss medical issues your child has prior to Launch day. Doing this will allow me to get to know you and your child better prior to the first day of school. I understand this may not be an option for everyone. I will be at all three Launch days and can answer questions then as well, just maybe a little rushed. Please visit this SignUpGenius to schedule 10 mins to meet with me before Launch. If you feel it may take longer please sign up for 2 back to back time slots. I look forward to meeting you!   - Mrs. Cordova


Medical Paperwork Meeting, what to bring: medication agreements, health care plans, self carry forms. These need to be signed by parent, child (if self carries) and physician. You may also bring current immunization records. Please do not bring medications.


Launch Day, what to bring: Medications: Please be sure the child's first and last name, dosage and administration route, and date of expiration are on all medications and accompanying paperwork. Please keep medication in the original box. Snacks: If your child may need an emergency snack due to diabetes, hyperglycemic episodes, allergies (GF, etc) please bring some for us to keep on hand.

Questions? Email Mrs. Cordova (



Thank you in advance for volunteering for the 22/23 school year, we truly couldn't do what we do for our students without your help. I hope all of you have received an email from me regarding volunteer positions.  If you have not received an email please let me know. The SignUpGenius for volunteers should be coming out soon, please keep a look out for that! If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. I will be at Launch to assist you and/or answer questions.  Looking forward to a wonderful year and serving with you!   - Mrs. Cordova


Questions? Email Mrs. Cordova (

Direct Number: 720-464-3865



You may visit Mrs. Martinez at the Curriculum Tent to turn in overdue items, renew items still in use, and complete/turn in order forms. Books will not be pulled at Launch. Mrs. Martinez will hopefully have orders filled by your attendance the following week. Summit’s catalog and curriculum order form are available for viewing/download on our website here.


Questions? Email Mrs. Martinez (


Schoology/Infinite Campus Login Help

The Schoology Help Tent will offer assistance to students with Schoology issues. If a student is having problems logging into Infinite Campus, passwords can be reset.


Staff will be available to assist with questions/issues regarding receiving/responding to your waiver invitations.


Mrs. Seybert will be available to accept school fee and pizza payment if you choose not to submit payments online as described above. If you elect yo pay the Buy Out fee in lieu of volunteering hours, cash payment will be accepted at the Fee table.

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