Summit Launch Days!

August 24th-26th, 2022

Launch Day.jpg

They'll be here before you know it!



Summit Academy 2022-2023 Launch

Wednesday-Friday August 24-26 (Come on your attendance day.)

8:30 to Noon at Summit


Hello, Summit families!  It’s almost LAUNCH TIME!

Things are buzzing around here - we're busy planning, creating, writing, editing, printing, cleaning, painting, learning, researching, setting up, moving around... the list goes on. We are so excited for the beginning of the 2022-23 school year -  seeing familiar faces and meeting our new families!


There will be a lot of staff on hand to answer questions and direct people as needed. In the meantime, here’s some helpful information:

1) You can see the Launch schedule right here, soon!   Please check back.  For now, plan on 1/2 day from 8:30 to noon.  It is important day for kids so please plan on attending with your student.  

2) Information coming on:

  • health plans (see below) for children with allergies, asthma, diabetes or other health concerns 

  • medications that will need to be administered to your children while at Summit along with a completed Medication Agreement (see below) for each medication signed by your doctor, for both prescription AND over the counter meds  

  • If needed, please submit info regarding new vaccinations. If you plan to submit a vaccination waiver please click below on Health Forms. Links from that page will explain waiver options and requirements. 

  • Fee payment, pizza cards, etc. 

  • 9th - 12th Grade Student Agreement

  • Summit Student Activity Waiver and Permissions Form

  • Summit Gear

3.)  Click here for school supply list. Elementary group supplies will be collected at Launch. Other supplies will be needed on the first day of classes after Launch.

4) We will have a free slice of pizza for each student.  It's not necessarily a full lunch, but gives you an idea of what to order for your student each week. 

How do I attend multiple classes with more than one child?

Parents manage this in multiple ways.  They often pick and choose between different classes to attend.  They may choose a class with one child, but if another child has the same teacher for another class, they may choose to attend a different one.  Homework classes might be more important to attend.  National Honor Society students are on site to help young children get to classes.   

"My high schooler says they don't need to come, because the teacher doesn't teach on that day."  W R O N G!!!   It is an important day for your high schooler.  Teachers hand out texts, get any set up info,  go over class policies, etc.   It is the best way for your student to get started on the right foot.  Besides...they will see their friends and get some free stuff!


We’re so excited to see all of you! Until then, be safe and enjoy your last days of summer 2022. 

The links below are being updated.  Check back for current information.