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October Count Paperwork

must be completed by all college students and returned to the

Summit office by October 9.

Textbook Reimbursements forms due by by September 22.

Print one of these forms for each class.  Professors need to initial each day and sign at the end.  It is helpful if the student highlights the correct blanks before giving it to professor.  

Print this form.  Read and mark the appropriate blank at the bottom.  Fill in the blanks and bring it in asap.

Students taking college classes, but not taking classes at Summit have a stipend of $1100/semester/part time and $2200/semester/full time. .   Summit gets billed for tuition.  The remaining amount may be used for books and fees.  Parents pay for books and fees, then bring receipts to Summit.  Textbook reimbursement forms and receipts are due by September 22. 

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