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Our Staff

You may email most Summit staff members by using the following format:


Lewis, Kallie: klewis@

Lewis, Cyndi clewis@

Smith, Cassie: csmith@

Smith, Rob: rsmith@

Moore, Andrea: amoore@

Moore, Dehric: dmoore@

Summit Academy Teachers

Arndt, Amy

Carreras, Beth

Carson, Rebecca

Cherry, Laura

De Min, Summer

Desrochers, Stephen

Downing, Ruth

Farber, Selenia

Gore, Rylee

Halladay, Rachel

Hickman, Laurie

Juge, Brian

Kohler, Gaylin

Lewis, Kallie

Longtain, Ann

Mandl, Nancy

Mann, Lisa

Marcy, Deanna

Middaugh, Hayley

Moore, Andrea

Moore, Dehric

O'Connor, Rose

Osgood, Jen

Rauch, Jackie

Reid, Ashley

Salgado, Tracy

Savage, Amy

Scherrer, Brittney

Simon, Ruth

Simons, Craig

Smith, Cassie

Smith, Robert

Stayer, Pam

Steward, Amy

Stordeur, Diana

Turner, Elke

VanDeHey, Linda

Zott, Steve


Summit Athletic Academy Teachers

Arndt, Amy

Bennis, Nancy

Cusick, Deanna

Mandl, Nancy

Marcy, Deanna

Moore, Dehric

Sharp, Denise

Stoll, Jessica

VanDeHey, Linda


Summit Academy Admin/Office Staff

Breheny, Carrie - Registrar

Burns, Lanee - Curriculum Secretary

Cordova, Samantha - Clinic Aide, Volunteer Coordinator

Lewis, Cyndi - Facilities Secretary

Martinez, Dawn - Principal’s Secretary

Matlick, Tim - JA/Summit Executive Director

McCaffery, Shannon - SAA Academic Director

Miller, Maren - Assistant Principal

Mower, Rachel - Thurs Curriculum Secretary

O'Neill, Deb - Instructional Specialist

Scarato, Stephanie - Principal

Seybert, Kathy - Financial Secretary, Attendance

Wall, Shannon - Reception, Communications, Yearbooks


Aides, Community Room & On-Site Subs

Alocozy, Lida - Wed Building Aide

Babak, Wajma - Wed Community Rm Supervisor

Berry, Linda - Wed/Fri KG Aide

Brockman, Corrie - Thurs On-Site Substitute

Hodges, Megan - Fri On-Site Substitute

Kraft Tabitha - Thurs 1st Grade Aide, Wed/Fri Lunch Aide

Seabaugh, Kathy - Thurs/Fr Community Room Supervisor

Sorensen, Tara - Wed/Fri 1st Grade Aide, Thurs KG Aide

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