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Investigating Post-High-School Possibilities

This workshop is past. Please look for it again next year.

If navigating the options for high school is confusing, considering the possibilities for post-high-school plans can be downright intimidating! Is college right for my student? What about tech school? Should my student consider a gap year? What about an apprenticeship or internship? Or would my student be better off plunging directly into the working world? Parents of high school students, especially juniors and seniors, come join other moms of older kids as we talk about what the options are, what they mean, and how to guide your nearly-adult student toward good choices without being that "helicopter parent" everyone warns you about. 

When? November 7-9, 8:35-9:25 am on your student's Summit day. Drop off your student and come join us!

Where? Summit's Back Room; check in at the front desk.

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