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Let's Talk Homeschool

Thanks for visiting. I hope you will come often. I want a blog on our website. Why? We have so much to learn from each other. Have you ever read a blog and been swept away with the words? How did they know exactly what was in my heart? I didn’t even have the words to describe what I was feeling, however, the writer captured my thoughts exactly. How do they do that? Other than having a mastery of the art that is writing, my guess is that the author and I have walked (maybe stumbled) the same path. I may not use masterfully chosen words and usually can’t describe my own situations, much less feelings or frustrations, but maybe together we can create a place where we can all come to “pan” homeschool gold together. This is a place to post your comments and questions about homeschool and Summit. It is meant to be a place of transparency, where we can all glean from each other. We have all stumbled, walked, ran and soared along this path called homeschool. Let’s walk together, holding each other up with our support, experience, and ideas. Grab a cup of tea, and come in….

How is your homeschooling going this year? Anyone trying anything new? Anyone coming upon any new struggles we can help with? Please…get us started…

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