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What's Ahead for Summit?

What’s Ahead for Summit? STEM

What is STEM and why is it important for our students?

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM is where the jobs are. Career fields, in any academic area, are using science and technology, and if our kids are going to compete in the world market they need to be comfortable with STEM. STEM is not only learning in these fields, but STEM takes it a step further and gives students real life opportunities to use science, technology, engineering and math to solve real world problems (Project Based Learning). Here's some examples: Third grade science students can work together to develop an app for a local nature center. Junior high students can create a blog to share their writing ideas with students around the world. High school students can use animal tacking databases to assess the impact of fracking on the environment and determine the accuracy of the info presented by special interest groups.

Summit already provides many “tech” opportunities through our Robotics programs and computer classes at all levels. We look forward to increasing the rigor of our classes by incorporating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with project based learning in all subject areas. Stay tuned for more on this exciting development.

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