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Student Success

The Student Success Office exists to help students:

  • get better grades

  • organize their time

  • figure out what to do with all that stuff!

  • write better papers

  • work around ADHD and learning disabilities

  • seat goals

  • deal with the realities of our busy lives

  • brainstorm options

  • make a plan to achieve your goals

Summit is excited about our Student Success! Deanna Marcy is available to work with Middle School and High School students (virtually or in person) on developing better executive functioning skills such as study skills, time management, organization, and others that will help them succeed at Summit and in life.  


If your student needs extra support or you just want to set them up for success this school year, please email Mrs. Marcy directly to schedule an appointment (

Whatever you want to do, Student Successs can help!

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