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Valentine Exchange

February 9th-Wednesday K-6 Students

February 10th - Thursday K-6 Students

February11th - Friday K-6 Student 

1. KG-6th grade Students will pass out valentines within their grade only.    

2. Students should bring a box to receive valentines from others. Students may decorate their box. Please make sure it's marked with their name in LARGE LETTERS and that it has a large enough opening for cards and treats. Boxes can be left on the shelves in the Commons upon arrival. 


3. Students don't have to participate. However, if they do, we ask that they provide valentines for everyone in their grade on their attendance day. If they choose not to participate, they should still bring a box for collection of any valentines given to them.


4. All treats should be store-bought and individually-wrapped.

5. Students will be dismissed from 6th period at 3:00pm to exchange valentines. After school pick-up will occur as usual, starting at 3:15. 

Occasionally we find that a student has been listed on the wrong day and we have to make a correction on the rosters. If you are able, before packing up your student's valentines, check back to make sure no one has been added to the lists. You may also want to add a couple extra valentines with no 'To' names just in case. 

ALLERGIES: We will provide a 'trade-in' option for students who receive something they cannot eat due to an allergy - they may trade those treats for something they can have.

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