Valentine's Day at Summit

February 12th-14th 2020

Summit students in Grades K-6 will celebrate Valentine’s Day on

Feb. 12th, 13th & 14th by exchanging valentines!


Here’s how it works:

1.  All students in grades K-6 should decorate a valentines box to receive valentines. Please mark the box with the child’s name with large letters in dark ink. The box should also have an opening large enough for valentines, cards, and treats. 

Please ensure that each K-6th student brings a

box of some type (even if it's not decorated) so

that they have a place for their classmates to

put their valentines and so that they have
in which to take them home. 


2.  Students do NOT have to participate, however, if they do participate, we ask that they provide valentines for everyone in their grade on their day. If they choose not to participate, they should still bring a box for collection of valentines given to them.


3.  All treats should be store-bought and individually wrapped.

4.  Links to rosters are below. Please note... if you see a row that has dashes instead of first and last names this means that the family opted out of being published in directories. Please include an additional valentine for this child. The total number of students in each grade is located at the top of the list for that grade.


5.  We will exchange valentines at the end of the day. Students will be dismissed from 6th period at 3:00pm to exchange valentines. Pick-up will still be at 3:15.  


ALLERGIES:  PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH ALLERGIES:  PLEASE BE ON HAND TO HELP YOUR CHILD MONITOR TREATS.  We will provide a “trade in” option available for students who receive something they cannot eat due to an allergy. (They may trade those treats for something they can have.)

                                                                                                                                                       Revised 1/24/20 9:05am

Student Rosters:

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