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Here are some facts about Watch D.O.G.S:

1.  What will I be doing at Summit?

The goal of Watch DOGS is to have a positive male role model at school. 

We want the dads to be visible at pick up and drop off, lunch, and between classes.  There is flexibility during class time.  Our preference is to have you work in classes, however, we realize no one thing is everyone's "cup of tea."

Do you want to do a handyman job?  Read to kindergarten? 

Work in your kids' classroom?  We'll tailor the schedule to your gifts.


2.  I may need to check in with work or use some time to do some work for my job. 

Is that possible?  

Yes!  Again, we need visibility at certain times,

but you can certainly take some time to check in with your work. 


3.  Are dads going to be armed? 

No!  Schools are gun-free zones. 


4.  Can this time count towards my volunteer time? 

So sorry, but no. Summit uses so many volunteers to monitor lunch

and provide supervision to create a safe school in our unique setting,

that we need all of our current volunteers. 

Unfortunately, we cannot offer this for volunteer hours.  


5.  What does Mrs. Scarato think about the Watch D.O.G.S?

She thinks that dads don't always realize

how important they are to kids and their education. 

She thinks that having dads here is an amazing opportunity

for kids (and Dads) to realize how important they are! 

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