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Who: Summit students, parents and siblings

When: 10am, Tuesday, January 14th

Where: The National Western Stock Show,

             4655 Humboldt St, Denver 80216

Click HERE for the NMSS website with event schedules and more info.

Important Notes:

1. Families need to enter at the EAST end of the Events Center. This is the only way families will be admitted for free because this is the "field trip" entrance. Families can park off of 48th/Baldwin in the lot close to the east entrance. There should be volunteers in orange vests directing families where to go.

2. Each family is responsible for their day at the Stock Show. No tours are given by NWSS staff or volunteers, but they are available to answer any questions families may have.  


3. Families may bring sack lunches, or purchase food there. Please plan on eating in the Stadium Arena. If families bring lunches, please don't sit in aisles, on stairs or bring lunches into NWSS restaurants (unless also purchasing food from there).   


4. Parents might want to view the “National Western School Visits page” as there are some great tools for planning their day at the Stock show, and get the most out of their visit. Click HERE to go to that web page. (Two specific documents to note: "Plan Your Day Map" and a "Teacher's Guide".)


5. The Stock Show asked that we remind families of the following key safety rules:

          Rule #1 – Use your INSIDE VOICE. This means no yelling or screaming.

          Rule #2 – WALK with your group and stay together. This means no running.

          Rule #3 – SAFE PEOPLE:

                           a. Volunteers in black/turquoise uniforms with "Volunteer” on the back

                           b. Uniformed Police Officers

                           c. Uniformed Firefighters

           **If you get separated from your group, you should find one of these safe people to help you.**

Rule #4 – Get PERMISSION to touch any of the animals. If no one is around the animal, you are NOT to                           touch it. If you do touch any animals, don’t forget to WASH YOUR HANDS afterwards.

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