Summit Parents! It's time to think about yearbooks!


**Summit will cover the cost for each student to receive a yearbook,

regardless if it's personalized or not.**


We're offering you the opportunity to design up to four personal yearbook pages that will be included in the back of your students’ yearbooks. 


Below you will find detailed information on how to access your student's attendance day's storefront, order yearbooks and

personalize your student's pages.

Creating personal pages is optional, so if you aren’t interested in doing them, disregard the information below.


no later than noon on Wednesday, May 13th

Contact Mrs. Mullane with any questions at 


Here's How it Works:





If your children attends on Wednesday, follow this link:  


If your children attends on Thursday follow this link: 


If your children attend on Friday, follow this link:  

Very Important:

                           1) There is a different storefront for each attendance day. Please make sure that you are                                    at the correct storefront before you place your order. If your child attends on                                                  Wednesday and you accidentally order a Thursday book, your child will receive a                                          Thursday yearbook.


                           2) If you have children who attend on different days (ie- One child attends on Wed, two                                    others attend on Thurs), please be sure to use the correct storefront for each child. You                                may sign into each storefront using the same Picaboo account, just make sure you                                        order from the correct storefront for each child.



Before You Start


Watch this video to familiarize yourself with the ordering and personalizing process:  



1) Click the ORDER button under "Step 1: Order"


2) Sign in, if you have an existing Picaboo account. If you do not have an account, please create one.             After creating your new account, you will be taken back to the ordering page.


3) Picaboo will ask you to verify which yearbook you are ordering, click CONTINUE.


4) Who are these yearbooks for? Enter each child's name and their grade, click CONTINUE.


5) Enter the quantity of books you are ordering for each child (one book per child), click CHECKOUT in         the lower right corner of the page. Total should show as $0.00 USD.




7) The next page will contain a short paragraph about a purchase code, click the blue CONTINUE         



8) Since the price of the yearbook has been 100% subsidized by Summit, you will not need to enter a             purchase code. Click on the PLACE ORDER button in the top right corner of the page.


9) You will be taken to a confirmation page. About half way down the page, right before the blue box,      

    you'll see a link that will take you back to the storefront. Click the link to return to the storefront. You         can now begin designing your pages.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not order more than one book per student who attends Summit. Also, create only one Picaboo account for all of your books (one account per family). If you lose your username and/or password, please use the FORGOT? link located in the Sign In box. If you need any help, contact Mrs. Mullane. Do not create another account or re-order books. We have budgeted for one book per student. If you place multiple orders for the same student you will be responsible for paying for the additional books.  



Personalizing Pages


1) Navigate to the storefront main page. Log into your account if needed. Under "Step 2: Personalize"         you will see a list of the books you ordered. There should be one per student.


2) Make sure you have watched the video linked above for a quick tutorial on how to set up your pages.


3) Click the EDIT PAGES button to the right of each student's name to access their pages. You will have       the option to upload and place photos, add text, borders stickers and backgrounds, use pre-made           layouts, etc.


4) You may click EXIT if you are not able to finish your pages in one session. You will be given the option to return later and complete work on your pages. When your pages are complete, make sure to click the FINALIZE and SUBMIT button in the upper left hand corner of the screen.


REMEMBER: Pages must be completed and submitted by noon on Wednesday, May 13th.

Enjoy creating personal pages for your students!