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Yearbook Personalized Pages

Are you interested in creating personalized pages for your student's yearbook? Below you will find detailed information on how to order yearbooks and how to personalize your student's pages. If you have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to email Ms. Wall ( There is a lot of information, so please read through this page carefully.

If you do not want to create personalized pages, you don't need to do anything for your student to receive a yearbook. Summit subsidizes the base cost of yearbooks for our families and will place a bulk order for students who don't order personalized pages.  

If you would like to create personalized pages in your student's yearbook, please continue reading.

Please note: There is a cost for personalized pages this year - the first four pages are $5. Each page after, up to 12 pages total, is $1.50/pg. 

Also, there is a $1 supply chain surcharge this year for each book processed with personalized pages. If you decide to do personalized pages you will order your books (see below) and will have to check out and pay a $1/book fee. After you complete the personalized pages, you will check out again and pay for the pages that you created for each book (Per Book: $5 for first 4, then $1.50/ea up to 12 total).



If your student attends on Wednesday, follow this link: Wednesday Storefront

If your student attends on Thursday follow this link: Thursday Storefront

If your student attends on Friday, follow this link: Friday Storefront


Very Important: 1) There is a different storefront for each day. Please make sure that you are at the correct storefront before you place your order. If your student attends on Wednesday and you accidentally order a Thursday book, your student will receive a Thursday yearbook. 2) If you have students who attend on different days (one attends on Wed, two others attend on Thurs), please be sure to use the correct storefront for each student. You may sign in using the same account, just make sure you order from the correct storefront for each student.

Before You Start


Watch this video to familiarize yourself with the ordering and personalizing process.




1) Click on the appropriate Storefront link given above. Once the page loads, click the blue Select button under the Top Secret Cover graphic.


2) A window will pop up. You will either sign in if you have an existing Picaboo account, or you will have to create an account.


3) A note from the yearbook adviser will pop up, please read and click Continue to Order.


4) Who is this yearbook for? Enter the name and grade level for the student you are ordering the book for. If you are ordering for more than one student, click Add New Student, Child or Recipient. After you have added all of your students, click Continue.


5) Enter the quantity of books you are ordering for each student (one book per student). Click the blue Continue button after each student. After you have entered the quantity for the last student and hit Continue a Review and Place Order panel will open. If all information is correct, click the blue Place Order button.

6) Check out, paying for the $1 surcharge per book that you order. If you order more than one book and only one shows up under Review and Place Order, go back to each book ordered and change the number of books ordered to 2 and hit continue... this will force the Review and Place Order panel to update. Go back and change the numbers to 1 again. The panel should update again and reflect the correct number of books ordered.

7) You will be taken to a confirmation page and will be given an order number. About half way down the page you'll see a link that will take you back to the storefront. Click the <Back to the Yearbook Store link to return to the storefront home page.

8) Once you have returned to the home page, you will see a blue Edit Personalized Pages button under the yearbook graphic on the left. Click the button. You'll see the note from the adviser again, click Continue to Order and will be taken to a page where you can select a student's yearbook and begin creating your personalized pages.

9) Once you have completed your personalized pages you MUST click the green Finalize and Submit button at the top, right side of the editor. The yearbook will not be sent to production if this step is not taken. Note: Pages cannot be edited after they have been finalized and submitted.

**After you click Finalize and Submit you will be taken to checkout to pay for the personalized pages. The base cost of the yearbook is subsidized, the personalized pages you create are not subsidized and must be paid for by you after submitting your pages.**


Please Note: Do not order more than one book per student who attends Summit. Also, create only one Picaboo account for all of your books. If you lose your user name and/or password, please use the Forgot Password? link located in the Sign In box. If you need help, contact Ms. Wall. Do not create another account or re-order books. We have budgeted for one book per student. If you place multiple orders for the same student you will be responsible for paying for the additional books.  


Pages must be complete and submitted by 11:59pm on Sunday, April 17th.
This is a FIRM deadline. Please plan enough time to have your pages complete by the deadline.

Questions? Email Ms. Wall (

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