What does Colorado Law say about

"Parent Choice"?

What is Summit?

Great Kids, Amazing Teachers, Engaging Classes, and "my favorite day of the week."  We are serious about "parent choice" in education and do our best to support our students and their families.    


The Summit Academy started in Jeffco in 2004 with 16 kids. From 2006 to 2013 we were proud to be part of the Aurora Public Schools Options program, where we continued the goal of meeting the needs of homeschooled students and their families.  Because of location issues, in 2013 we joined, once again, with Jeffco Public Schools, partnering with Jefferson Academy Secondary School.  We have grown to over 700 students, have a building of our own,  and have added a full time program for our 9-12 grade students and numerous other opportunities for our students.  In 2018 we opened a second location in Lakewood. In 2019 we opened a site called Hope House in Arvada to provide an educational program to teenage moms.  


Even throughout these changes our goal has always been, and will always be, to support parents as they endeavor to provide an excellent educational program to their children.