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ICAP: 101

What is an ICAP and how do I create one?

Click the video below to find out!

To Recap: Four Year Academic Plan (ICAP)

An ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) is a 4 year plan for your child's high school years.  Use the forms below to create your student's Four Year Academic Plan.


The ICAP is required for all Concurrent Enrollment students and recommended for homebased students as well.


Instructions for filling out the Four-Year Academic Plan:

  • Fill in the student's name and grade level for the coming year.

  • List all high school level classes taken.  "CR" stands for credit (the amount of content in a standard one-year high school course), so fill in 0.5 for each semester's class.

  • List all college classes taken and indicate such by writing (C) after the course name.   Each 3-semester-hour course gets 0.5 credit; 4- and 5-semester-hour classes receive 1.0 credit.  

  • Project the rest of high school by filling in the classes the student expects to take.

  • It is recommended that you complete the ICAP as a computer document, so that alterations can be completed easily.  

An ICAP is not an "approved" high school plan.  It is a *planning tool* to set goals and determine if student is on track for meeting their graduation and post-graduation goals.  An ICAP is only a PLAN; it is not a firm commitment; however, it's important to remember that it is intended to help students achieve their goals, including high school graduation, and thus should be taken seriously. ICAPs should be updated and reviewed each semester. Updated ICAPS, posted to the Schoology website, are required each semester for all Concurrent Enrollment students.



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