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Elementary Picnics
May 12-14, 2021

The last day of the year at Summit is a fun day scheduled to bring closure to the year’s activities.

One parent per family will attend the picnic beginning at 11:30.

There are no class meetings on picnic day.


Student(s) Arrive: 8:30am (Regular drop off procedures.  Kindergarten parents can park on the playground side.  Drop off student(s) in kindergarten room and proceed to gym for graduation.)


Parents Arrive for picnic at 11:30am (One parent per family, please.)


8:30 – Students report to 1st period for attendance.

8:40 - Teachers escort 1st-6th graders outside (between buildings) for Field Day

          NHS students will be running events; teachers will be escorting students to events

8:45 - Kindergarten Graduation in the gym 

8:45 - 11:00 - Field Day


*siblings of kindergarteners may attend graduation (if they choose) and join their grade at Field Day

 after graduation is finished

11:00-11:30 - Hand out yearbooks (all students get one) and students will sign yearbooks; Senior Parade 

                      (outside between buildings)

11:30 - Dismiss to picnic - Parents arrive at this time to join student(s) for picnic

12:30 - Picnic ends; students leave with parents


Parking Info:

Parents may park on the south side (by the front office), the north side (near the playground), or on the east side (not the drop off side) between the buildings.


Picnic Menu:

Sandwiches, hot dogs, chips, cake, drinks, and Kona Ice (gluten free option available)

All food will be served following COVID protocols. 



Students need to wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothes for running and playing 

Bring sunscreen, hat, and water bottle

In case of rain, events will be held indoors (masks required inside)


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