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Schoology Help

Schoology Help

The Basics:
1.  Go to
2.  Your student's username is their student ID number (student ID number ONLY, do not enter an email address).  You can find this on most official Summit documents, including their class schedule and their report cards.
3. The password is their 8 digit birthday.  For example, an April 16, 2003 birthday is 04162003.
4. Contact the office if your account is not working.
5. In the top menu, select COURSES. On the right-hand side of this page, select MY COURSES. Once a teacher has added students on their roster in the class, your class should be on this list. If it is not, contact the teacher directly at
6. You, as a parent, have the option of logging into Schoology using your Jeffco credentials (same as your Jeffco Connect username and password). 

Did You Know?:
1.  All the notifications and updates go to your student's Gmail account.  There is a video below explaining how to forward those emails to your regular email.  You can forward to another student email account
OR to your regular parent email address.  
2.  To log in to the student's Jeffco email, go to  Click on GMAIL in the little square menu in the upper right hand corner.  
3.  Your students Jeffco email is, the password is the same one you use for Schoology (8 digit birthday, unless you changed it.) 
Watch These Videos for Schoology Help
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