ASCENT is a 5th year program that allows students who already have 12+ college credits (by the end of senior year), to continue their coursework at a number of community colleges or at Metro State University to complete their Associates degree or a certificate program.


Students should be serious about this process and about their commitment to this program. The state determines the number of students allowed in the program each year, so there is no guarantee that a position will be available for a student.  A number of factors may be used to choose students to complete the program, including former success, GPA, number of hours needed to complete a program, and more. Please see the attached handout for criteria for admission into ASCENT.


Students should continue to explore other post-secondary options in case they are not admitted into the ASCENT program. Also, please note that students have the option to not participate in the ASCENT program if they are admitted.


Interested students must turn in all required paperwork and respond to emails on time throughout the duration of the nomination process and the ASCENT program year. No late submissions will be taken and the student will be dropped from the program if this should occur.


Here is the initial application:

ASCENT Application: 2022-2023


The application deadline is February 1,  2022


1. Read all information enclosed thoroughly so you know exactly what ASCENT is and how it operates.

2. The student considering ASCENT must fill out the application above indicating they are interested in the program. Note: the student must do this, not a parent.

3. Apply for admission to FRCC, RRCC, Arapahoe CC, or Metro State University if you have not done so already.

4. Complete your FAFSA.


Please email Mrs. Miller at with any questions.