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Career Exploration

Summit Assignments March 18-20

"How do we expect young people to dream if they don’t know what they can dream about? Opportunities for career exploration give young people broader exposure to the working world they will one day enter. It helps them “connect the dots” between school and career in ways that keep them motivated to graduate with the skills they will need for the future."

Below is a list of activities for students to complete. There are activities listed for all ages.  You may do what and how much you choose.  It is my hope that these activities spark some good conversations about strengths, weaknesses, skills, goals and more.  

Fill in the form below to count for attendance.  

Teachers will begin online class assignments after Spring Break, if needed.  

 K-6: has lots of videos for kids to learn about different careers.  My suggestion would be to complete some of the other activities first and then based on some of your discussions, choose a few of these to watch.  Go to, click on Subjects, then Career Education. 

K-3: Career Exploration Packet:  This packet has lots of activities for K-3 to explore different careers.  I love the "Would You Rather" cards to stimulate discussion and build vocabulary.  There's also some job application and resume papers at the end to get kids to think about their strengths.




Grades 4-6:  The Interview Project:  This packet for 4-6th grade introduces kids to career clusters.  There are some simple inventories for students to think about strengths, weaknesses, and their interests.  At the end, there are tips on applications and interviews.  It's never too early to think about how to present yourself to others.  

Parents:   Parents, please take a look at this page and let me know if you think this would be a good resource for Summit to purchase a school license.   Would this be something you would like to have access to?  Email me at and let me know what you think.  

7-12 Grade: My Colorado Journey   Create an account.  This website can be used all throughout middle and high school.  It also has great info for juniors and seniors who are closer to their post secondary plans.  Once you create an account, you will see "Tools"  at the top.  Students will find an Interest Survey and a Career Cluster Survey.  Start by taking those.  There is also a place to set some goals. 

7-12 Grade:   Create an account in Khan Academy.  Testing may be an important part of your child's college and career planning.  Khan has practice help for PSAT and SAT.  As you practice, it will access your student's strengths and weaknesses and develop practice sessions based on that.  Once you take a PSAT or SAT you can link that info in Khan Academy as well, for individualized practice sessions.

7-12 Grade:  Have you started a resume?  A resume lists all the things you've done in high school and is super helpful when you start applying for colleges.   Search for a template you like and start filling it in.  You can update each semester.  When you start applying for jobs, colleges and scholarships, it will list things that you've done that you might not remember had you not had it.  It will also help you stay focused on your goals as you think about the type of person you want to be and the types of activities you like and need to be involved in. 

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